Convert Images to Thumbnails

To convert a directory of images to thumbnails:

  1. Navigate to the directory you would like to change to thumbnails by clicking the folderbutton.png button(s).
  2. Click the name of the folder in blue to create thumbnails for the images in the directory.
  3. Click Thumbnail Images to finish the process.
    • You may use the Scale Percent text boxes to define how small the images should be.
    • We recommend that you keep the Keep Aspect Ratio checked when creating thumbnails to prevent the image from becoming distorted by keeping the height and width proportional.
    • You may click Reset Dimensions to return the Scale Percent values to the default.

After the application has completed the task of resizing your images, a thumbnails directory will be created as a subdirectory within the selected folder. The thumbnail images will be created with the prefix tn_*, where * is meant to represent the filename and extension.

Click the Your images have been thumbnailed into link to open the thumbnails directory in the cPanel File Manager.

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