Network Tools

This area of cPanel’s interface contains tools for retrieving network information. For instance, you can look up an IP address or trace the route from your computer to the computer on which your website is hosted (your web server).

Domain Lookup

cPanel’s Network Tools will execute a basic command for resolving an IP address from a specified domain name. The query will also return general DNS information about the server.

To look up a domain:

  1. Enter the domain you would like to lookup in the Enter a domain to lookup field.
    • Example:
  2. Click Lookup.

The resulting page will display the domain’s mail servers as well as the IP address for that domain. You can also view the domain’s DNS information under theZone Information heading.

Trace Route

cPanel’s Network Tools includes a function for uncovering the route your computer takes to access your website. This function will show you how many servers your data is passed through before it reaches your website. Included in this information is the amount of time your computer took to reach the server.


  • To trace the route to your server, click Trace.

The resulting page will display all of the pathways your computer took to reach your server. This can be useful in pinpointing problem servers within your path.

note Note: This function may be disabled; contact the system administrator for more information about using the Trace Route function.

  • Email, SSL
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