The Preference Links

The preference links are a set of 5 links located at the bottom of the Home screen. These links change the basic display preferences of cPanel’s interface. An example of the links can be viewed in the screenshot below.


The Preference Links


  • Lite/Full Graphics — Toggles display of the header and footer graphics, allowing for reduced memory demands and load times.
  • Hide/Show Icons — Toggles display of the icons contained in the boxes between displaying only hyperlinks, or both icons and hyperlinks. Hiding icons will further reduce memory demands and load times.
  • Reset All Interface Settings — Resets any changes made to the interface and return it to its default.
    • note Note: This will not reset the current theme.
  • Reveal All Boxes — Reveals any menu boxes that have been hidden.
    • note Note: Boxes can be hidden by clicking the arrow icon in the top right-hand corner of the heading bar. Hidden boxes appear in “window-shade” format as a simple heading bar.
  • Reset Box Order — Returns the order of boxes to cPanel’s default setting if the order has been changed.
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