Perl Modules

Perl modules are pieces of software written in the Perl programming language. cPanel makes it easy to search for and add Perl modules from the CPAN repository to your website.

View Available Perl Modules

To view all available Perl modules:

  1. Click Show Available Perl Module(s).
  2. Once you find the module you want to install, click Install.

note Note: As this process takes time, it is not a time/resource efficient way to find Perl modules for your website.

Search Available Perl Modules

To search for a module based on a topic or keyword:

  1. Type the keyword into the Search box and click Go.
  2. Once you find the Perl module you want to install, click Install.
    • To view the Perl module creator’s documentation, click Show Docs.

Install a Perl Modules

If you know the name of the Perl module you want to install:

  1. Type it in the box under Install a Perl Module.
  2. Click Install Now.

The Installed Perl Module(s) Table

The Installed Perl Module(s) table lets you manage the modules you have installed. The table shows the module name, version, and what you can do with it.

  • If you believe a Perl module is out-of-date, cPanel can update it for you. To update a Perl module, click Update.
  • If you believe an installed Perl module has become corrupted or lost, you can reinstall it. To do this, click Reinstall.
  • To uninstall a Perl module, click Uninstall.
  • To view the Perl module creator’s documentation, click Show Docs.

System Modules

There are certain Perl modules that come pre-installed in cPanel. You can see a list of these by clicking Show System Installed Modules.

Click Show Docs to view the documentation for the installed modules.

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