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cPanel includes a small Search function that will allow your visitors to find information on your website quickly. From the CGI Center, under Entropy Search, clickSetup Search Engine.

cPanel will show a sample search box, and the HTML code that creates it. This search box is functional and will search your site's files.

  • note Note: Entropy Search only works with static files. It is not designed to work with scripts, including PHP.

To add a search box:

  • Copy the text beginning with <form> and ending with </form> and paste it into the web page where you want the search box to appear.

If you’re comfortable working with HTML and you would like to change the appearance of the results page that visitors will see, click Edit Search Results Template. Here, you may change the background color, add a background image, and edit the title of the results page. Once you have made your changes to the HTML file, click Save.

PICK Important: Before your search box will work, you must click the Rebuild Search Index link under Entropy Search in the CGI Center. This sets up an internal list of your website’s contents, so they can be searched. It’s a good idea to click this link whenever you add new pages to your website.

PICK Remember: The larger your website, the longer the Rebuild Search Index link will take.

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