Add an Apache Handler

Add an Apache Handler

To add an Apache handler:

  1. Enter the handler name into the Handler field. The built-in handlers are as follows:
    • default-handler: Sends the file using Apache’s default handler for static content.
    • send-as-is: Sends the file with HTTP headers as they are.
    • cgi-script: Handles the file as a CGI script.
    • imap-file: Parses the file as an imagemap rule file; for more information, see Apache’s documentation.
    • server-info: Retrieves the server’s configuration information.
    • server-parsed: Parses the file for server-side includes.
    • server-status: Retrieves the server’s status report.
    • type-map: Parses the file as a type map file; for more information, see Apache’s documentation.
  2. Enter the file extension in the Extension(s) field.
    • You may enter more than 1 extension at a time. Simply separate each entry with a space. A file extension is made of the letters after the dot (“.”) in a file name. For example, filename.fileextension.
  3. Click Add.

note Note: This interface does not allow you to create custom Apache handlers.

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