The Server Status Page

Clicking the Click to View link at the bottom of the Stats menu opens a new page displaying whether a particular service is working.


Server Status Information Box


  • A green circle means that the service is running.
  • A yellow circle means that it is busy or, in the case of disk space, almost full.
  • A red circle indicates a problem with the service, or a full disk.

Services listed on this page may include:

  • cpsrvd: The cPanel service daemon. This service runs the cPanel interface.
  • imap: An email protocol for mail retrieval.
  • httpd: The Apache webserver’s daemon. This daemon is responsible for serving web pages to your visitors.
  • named: The DNS server. This service is required for your domains to appear on the Internet.
  • Server Load: Your server’s current CPU load. If this is red, your server is experiencing performance issues.
  • Memory Used: The amount of RAM being used on your server, shown as a percentage.
  • Swap Used: The amount of swap memory being used, shown as a percentage. Swap memory is memory used on your hard drive in place of RAM. Swap memory usage occurs during a RAM shortage.
  • Disk /$volume: Amount of hard disk space being used, shown in percentage form. If this appears red, delete old or unused files.

note Note: With the exception of the Disk service, you should contact your web host if you are experiencing problems with any of these services.

  • Email, SSL
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